Should Students Participate In Politics or Not

Should Students Participate In Politics or Not? So here you can gets answer in descriptive Manner.Politics in general are considered to be a negative activity in which personal interests are being given the ultimate preference and priority and for the achievement of these personal interests the politicians can adopt any activity of a procedure either they are ethical or unethical or even can use lawful and unlawful means to achieve those interests.

Should Students Participate In Politics or NotWhen the argument comes that whether the students should be involved in politics the majority of the people thinks that it is not a wise approach to involve the youth and the students of the country in politics, because this might be injurious to the students as well as to the institutions of the state.

In general the students should be kept away from the politics as far as we could because this is not the right place to invest the young blood of the country; here are few arguments which might support the debate that the students should not participate in the politics;

  • Students are usually very innocent and unwise so they are not capable enough to take the intense pressure and the stress of politics, so a un-strong mind can be very much dangerous when in being inculcated in the politics because they can be used by any other experienced and clever mind.
  • Students are considered to be the backbone of the country and it is not worthy enough to invest youth of the country in politics and to put the future of millions of students at stake, students should be very much concerned regarding their academic obligations and once they are being involved in the politics than they will be unable to give the appropriate concentration and time to their studies and their education which should be their prime objective and hence through this their academic future might be in danger.
  • The students are very much emotional and at the same time innocent also, so it might be the possibility that their innocence as well as their immense strength might be used negatively, once they are involved in the politics. This can be done with the involvement of any other political body which might use them from the back end, the students can be involved in the civil disobedience, fighting and threatening and at the same time might also be used in the protest and political rallies, so bring the youth into the politics is dangerous not only for the present scenario of the county but will also¬†endanger the future of the students as well as the nation.


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