Should Students Be Paid For Having Good Grades

Should Students Be Paid For Having Good Grades? Students are a big asset for any country. They are a force that brings evolution in a country. This part of population is the most dynamic one and whatever they do, they do it in a great manner. Scoring good grades is not a hot cake for students; they work hard and burn midnight oil in order to achieve good grades. After so many efforts the students should be paid or not is a very debatable argument. This is a debate over whether paying students is a brilliant tool for hard-to-motivate students or bribery that will destroy any chance of fostering a love of learning.

Should Students Be Paid For Having Good GradesMany students just don’t like to study but are very much capable of scoring good grades if they just put in little effort. Paying students who succeed to achieve good grades will surely encourage careless students (but having good potential) to work hard. This also makes them feel like their efforts are not in vain. This is a good way of appreciation and will boost every student’s morale so that he could perform even better result ahead or at least will try to maintain that good result. Paying students who score good marks will also raise competitive studies and will ultimately lead to better standard of education. There are many students who have a poor family background and are forced to leave studies due to its expense and start working in childhood. Child labor which is a curse is greatly snubbed when students have an opportunity to earn by studying. This in long term will increase literacy rate and reduce child labor.

Despite the studies impressive short-term results, some critics in higher education are concerned that cash incentives will encourage students to start taking easier courses to ensure they’ll do well enough to pocket the money. Other critics note that students’ personal will to learn may be sapped as they focus on getting an external reward. Another problem that rises is that this creates a marked discrimination among good students and average students and may leave a feeling of disappointment or jealousy between the two groups. Learning is like worshipping and so it should be kept pure and done without any incentive, with a good intention. Many people don’t take this as appreciation or reward rather they think it to be a way of bribing students to study.

One way or other paying students for good grades seem to have better future generation with fewer problems of illiteracy and child labor. Applying some additional features and conditions, the above mentioned problems can also be reduced.

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