Role of Students in Development of Pakistan

Students of any nation can turn the condition of that state, and when we are talking about Pakistan this statement becomes more strengthen and even more powerful, this is because Pakistan is a country which is overloaded with youth as it is being recorded that almost 68% of the total population of Pakistan falls in the age group of 16 till 26 and that is age in which the individual is a student.

Modern condition of Pakistan is not as brighter as it should be but it can be even much better in the future if the students of our country stand up and recognized their responsibility. It is the time that the students of our country should come forward and play their vital role in the upbringing of the Country. This doesn’t means that through this we are encouraging the students to get in to the politics but they should deploy themselves in all the fields of society and should promise to make the system of our country one of the best in the entire world.

Role of Students in Development of Pakistan

This present age is known as the age of modernization of Information and technology, so the students of our country should penetrate in the field of information and technology so that they can play their part in making Pakistan one of the leading countries in the field of IT. Medical facilities in Pakistan are not that modernized and technical and for that purpose several dangerous diseases are not cured here and the people of our country have to move to various countries for the proper treatment. So my advice to our students is that make the commitment with yourself that you will strive in the field of Allopathic and Homeopathic so that you can be those Pakistani doctors who can treat our people in our own homeland.

Another very common thinking is prevailing and developing in the students of our country is that they will study here and then will go abroad for higher studies and then will settle in those developing countries because future in Pakistan is not as charming and bright as it is in other countries. This approach is the most negative and unhealthy approach and we being Pakistani should condemn it at every level. The students should go abroad if they want to acquire higher education which is not available in our country but before going they should make a promise to their land and to themselves that they will surely come back and will serve in Pakistan so that they can contribute their part in the success and development of the country.



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