Rights Of Minorities In Pakistan

Rights Of Minorities In Pakistan are written here which could be used as Essay for Rights Of Minorities In Pakistan or Speech whatever your want to say. The foundations of Pakistan are being formulated on the teachings of Islam and that’s why it is being renowned as the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, so as per the teachings of Islam the minorities are given the ultimate freedom in the state to practice their religious and economic obligations with complete autonomy.

Rights Of Minorities In PakistanThe rights of the minorities in Pakistan are all just same as the rights of the Muslims living in Pakistan. Below are few significant rights of the minorities in Pakistan;

  • The very basic right of the minority in Pakistan is the right of living, which states that the person who belongs to the minority group in Pakistan have complete freedom to live their lives and to up bring their families in their own style. No one can play with their lives and anyone found guilty in this regard will be subjected to penalty as per the law of the state.
  • The minorities are given the rights and the freedom to practice their religious obligations with complete religious autonomy in which there will be no interference from any of the private or governmental body of the state. And that is one reason that for which the Sikh people from the entire world make their way to Lahore for the ceremony of Guru Nanak and other respective Guru’s annually with complete freedom and independence.
  • The people who belongs to the minorities are given the complete freedom to work in which they can adopt any legal profession and any business which is considered to be legal and lawful as per the rules and regulations of the state. The people are given all the rights to choose their occupation and at the same time are allowed to make their own investments and their own savings with no external interference.
  • The people who belongs to the minority groups have complete freedom of speech and are allowed and are given the permission to speak against any of the factors within the state as far as it is not against the Islam, as the speech against the Islam and the Holy personalities is not allowed other than that they have the right to speak against the government and any other officials or governmental representatives.
  • Minorities in Pakistan are subjected to the constitution of the state in which they are given the right to make their approach to the courts no matter at which level they want to and at the same time they are also given the right to take the help from the national security which are bound to give them the protection for their lives and property.

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