Possible Hurdles For Students During Study

Hurdles are always in the ways of studies and that is one obstacle which must be passed with success so that studies should be affected adversely. There are two types of student which are commonly present in the society; one are those who fight with such obstacles and hurdles and acquire their goals and the other are those who raise their hands in front of such obstacles and just gave up which results in their poor performance and even in severe cases causes failure.

Possible Hurdles For Students During StudyThese hurdles are so common that almost every student is very much uses to it, these numerous possible hurdles during the studies are;

  • The creation of interest is the biggest hurdle for the student during their studies, the students are unable to create interest in their studies which diverts their concentration from their education to other activities and that is why they are unable to grasp the concepts and have weak understanding.
  • The attraction of other activities is also a very common hurdle during the studies, these attractions might be the cricket match going in the street of or even broadcasted on the television, any interesting program on TV, gatherings of the friends, and get together or the arrival of relatives at the home, these are those attractions which divert the attention of the student from his or her studies to these activities and the student which fight with this hurdle might get over it but those who lay themselves in front of such obstacles prefers this entertainment and makes their own loss.
  • Few students are weak in some subjects and are strung in some subjects, this is a common psyche that the students who are week in some subjects will never be able to make their mind for studying it, and that is one major hurdle for them which is meant to be passed so that the student can make himself stronger in that subject.
  • Sleep is psychological effect which is being experienced by a majority of the students when they start to study. Students start to feel dizzy and this is one hurdle which very much threatens and powerful, majority of the students are unable to conquer this hurdle and that is one major reason that the majority of the students sleeps when they are studying.
  • Feeling the hunger is also a very common hurdle while studying as when the students starts to study it is a very common practice that they find themselves hungry and in search of some food. That is also one reason why numerous students keep several eatables with them while they are studying bit eating while studying is one huge distraction and hurdle.

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