Politics Among Students In Pakistan

Politics Among Students In Pakistan. Politics is always considered to be a negative approach to obtain and acquire the personal interest and when it comes to the students of Pakistan here the politics is one of the most common practices which are being performed on regular basis to achieve the personal goals and interests. In Pakistan the competition in the education is to one extreme where the students are willing to do anything to get on to the top and this is the most suitable condition for the performance of politics.

Politics Among Students In PakistanThe students in Pakistan are willing to do any work either ethical or unethical to obtain their goals and once these intentions and activities are unveiled they are astonished, shocking and most importantly embarrassing. Here are few critical political activities which are being commonly observed amongst the students of Pakistan;

  • One of the very common practices amongst the students of Pakistan is the buttering to their teachers. This is the most performed activity by the students in which they give extra protocol to their teachers and tries hard to get more and closer to them so that they can make themselves eligible for the extra favor from the teachers. This activity is very much successful for the students as they are able to obtain that extra edge over other students by getting closer to their teachers. This can be done by giving extra time, respect and protocol to the teachers. Making long sittings with them and showing their positive concern to that respective subject as well as the teacher.
  • Hippocratic nature of the students is also one political activity of the students which is done to obtain their work from others. In this regard the students play the role with each other in which they act to be good friends on each other faces and once they are apart they becomes enemies. This activity is being done so that they can take their work from that student and once the work is being completed than the real faces are being exposed which are quite different and opposite from the initial ones.
  • Students can cross any limit and can be easily convinced to do any ethical or unethical activity which can make their way easy and can make them acquire their work. This can include back biting of other students, creating unethical relationships with the friends or even with the teachers in return for which they can ask for their demands which is truly shameful and humiliating.

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