Merits & Demerits Of Joining Politics In Pakistan

Students now can share their views about Merits & Demerits Of Joining Politics In Pakistan. Politics in Pakistan is always considered to be controversial and that is one reason majority of the people used to remain away from it and don’t encourage people to get associated with it. There are so many reasons for which people in Pakistan wither are very much attracted and impressed with the politics or they are very much restrained from it and opposes it, in the history of Pakistan youth have not been so actively taking participation in the politics but in the present time and in the upcoming future youth is and will surely be taking active participation in the politics of the country.

Merits & Demerits Of Joining Politics In PakistanThere are so many merits and demerits in joining the politics of Pakistan, let us have an overview of few major ones;


  • The young people are very much attractive to the authority which is being given to the politicians due to his/her designation or post in the politics of Pakistan as it might e any ministry of official designation. This charm has made many people including the youth of the nation to penetrate in the politics of the country.
  • The protocol which is given to the politician in a country like Pakistan is another attractive charm for the people which they consider as the advantage of joining the politics.  Although it is not the real merit of politics but many people especially the youth of the country’s which are energetic and not wise enough run behind these protocols and inculcate themselves in the politics of the state.
  • Young people are with the positive intention of bringing change in the country and that is why they have opt for joining politics because it is through getting in the politics from which one can bring the respective change.


  • When the person gets in to the politics his/her personal life is being affected very badly as he is unable to give his family and his social circle the sufficient time which is required which might dent the relationships within the family and friends.
  • When the person has joined the politics he/she has to face many controversial cases and scenarios which might be planted against him by the opposition or by any other enemy. In such cases the youngsters feel the most problems because they are unaware of the political tactics which are being used to get rid of these allegations and controversial cases and this gets against them.
  • In the country like Pakistan where the law and order condition is not the best which is being observed in the other countries the politicians are being made target for assassinations and for terrorism activities, so due to this the life of an active political representative is always in threat and in danger.

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