Knowledge is Power

This writing is take as Knowledge is Power Essay,Article,Quote or meaning whatever you want to say. Just read out all this page and gives us your feedback about how i am writing.Knowledge is the key to all the locks as if you have the knowledge so you can make all your problems solved, you can cross any hurdles in your life, but it is very important to have relevant and concerned knowledge because knowledge which is not concerned to your life and to your activities is waste because you will have no opportunity to implement it or even utilize it, so it is being prescribed that first give preference to your basic knowledge need and your relevant knowledge and then opt for the other knowledge and understanding of concepts that might not be in use for you, but still knowledge is knowledge and knowledge is never wasted it is such a treasure that will help you one day in your life for sure.

Knowledge is PowerKnowledge has several shapes and categories amongst which two majors knowledge’s are one of the religion and other of the world. These two knowledge categories are being the basis and the foundation of one’s life and if anybody gets successful in gaining these two knowledge it will not be wrong to say that he might be the most powerful and authoritative human being on world.

The knowledge of religion enables the learned person to lead his or her life as per the rules and regulations of their religion irrespective of any religion they belong to. They will be able to fulfill all the religious obligations that are due on them and at the same time they can be beneficial for other that might attain help, guidance and even assistance in their queries and in their problems regarding that very religion. So this will give you administration and controlling power on those audiences and will make you more respectable and honored.

Knowledge of the world is based on the facts and figures of mankind and the rehabilitation of men, technology, development in information and all the modern techniques which are being adopted in medical, medicine, transportation, communications, and the latest inventions which are assisting men in their daily routine work at home and in office. The person who has made himself a learned man and has acquired these levels of knowledge in his or her life is very much powerful because such a learned man is always being diploid at authoritative and powerful designations. The person having the knowledge can resolve any problem and can unveil all the secrets of life and that is why they are being honored the most, respected the most and even paid the most which ultimately makes them in charge of power and administration.


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