Is Media Responsible For Violence In Present Time In Pakistan

Media do have great influence on the people nowadays especially in Pakistan where the liberty given to Media is being used negatively by some people which have created mass destruction in the state. It is not just to say that it is media which is responsible for the violence and disobedience which is being observed in Pakistan today. Media have played vital role in bringing awareness and unifying the state and its people on mutual consents and have been the leading organization or institution which is working to safeguard the solidarity and the dignity of the country and its people.

There are other reasons which have contributed in to creating violence and civil disobedience in the country and this blame should not be deployed on the media. Media is a very influential institution in the country like Pakistan and people do behave and admits it what is being shown to them, this is the blind faith of the people as they don’t bother for going for any confirmation or finding the authentication of the respective news or information which itself is a witness statement on the credibility of the media in Pakistan.

Is Media Responsible For Violence In Present Time In Pakistan

Media has played its positive role in bringing peace and unity amongst the nation and has worked for bringing peace in the country when there were threats and danger of national disorder or conflicts. This was being done by bringing the national heroes and the influential leaders of all the sects and political parties on one platform and from that they have eliminated all the misconceptions and the confusions amongst the followers of the respective sects and groups.

So my argument will be in the favor of the positive role played by media in Pakistan and it will be not wrong to say that they have been the most reliable source which is working for the rights of the people and at the same time even are working hard to bring national harmony amongst the people of the state.

They are working day and night to reduce the differences and at the same time are even trying to bring people close to each other which have different and opposing beliefs, thinking and status. Media of Pakistan should be encouraged for their tireless work for the cause of Pakistan and should not be blamed for the violence in the state because it is the government and the administration which should be blamed and which are responsible for this violence all over Pakistan.

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