Introduction Of NADRA Smart National ID Card In Pakistan

Smart National ID Card Introduce by NADRA In Pakistan. Pakistan is also moving on the road of advancement and it is being proved by the national database system of Pakistan which is NADRA (National Database and Registration Authority) of Pakistan has announced the introduction of the Smart cards which will be considered as the National Identity Cards of the people of Pakistan but this is not a simple ID Card as it will be carrying many other features beside it being a traditional identity card for the people of the country. Mr. Tariq Malik who is the Chairman of the NADRA has announced and unveiled the information about the smart cards.

NADRA Smart National ID Card

Nadra Smart National Id CardThe following are the additional features which will be inculcated inside the smart national ID cards in Pakistan;

  1. The very basic change in the card as it is carrying 36 security features in it which will be playing the vital role in recovering it if lost or theft, and the main element which is being added to it is the electronic chip which will detect the card anywhere in the country.
  2. The Smart ID card will not be just an identity card but at the same time it will be performing various Multi- Dimensional usages and services, including the social and financial inclusion programmers with very easy procedures and effortless pension disbursements.
  3. The NADRA Smart ID Cards will be processed by suing the State-of-the-Art Encryption techniques including the live identification of picture and the finger prints which will be placed at the ID Cards, as it will boost up the speed of identification of the process and at the same time will be very much beneficial for the authentication of the real and the fake ID Cards in Pakistan.
  4. Another additional and very much beneficial aspect in the NADRA smart ID cards for the people of Pakistan is the life insurance as in case of accidental death, NADRA will be paying Rs. 100,000 for two years to the effective.
  5. Although the cost of the smart ID cards is still not being disclosed but according to the chairman of NADRA the fast track cost for the SNIC will be 1500 PKR while the normal fee for the processing of the ID card is still not being announced.

The introduction of NADRA Smart ID Cards is a very appreciating step in Pakistan which will surely play the vital role in providing a better service plan to the nationals of the country at the same time will be very handy in regaining peace in the state by controlling the law and order situation.

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