Importance of Technical Education in Pakistan

What is the Importance of Technical Education in Pakistan. The evolution and modernization of the world are getting dependent on the information and technology which is becoming necessity of the world today. The countries are getting heavily relied on the technical awareness and encouraging their people to get more and more involved in this area of ability.In this regard Pakistan has worked tirelessly and devotedly to enhance their ability and their level of knowledge and practices in the field of technical education. But still several drawbacks and many negligence’s beings saw and observed in Pakistan as far as technical education being concerned.

Importance of Technical Education in PakistanBy saying the technical education we mean to discuss the awareness about the technology, the know-how of its practices and its implications in practical demonstrations; all these come under the heading of Technical education. Pakistan has shown its concern and its interest and at the same time the need to enhance and develop this field for the purpose of which they have established many technical colleges and universities in Pakistan so that the students of Pakistan can indulge and attracted towards this field which is becoming the need of the world today.

India is becoming one giant in the field of technology which has made its economy as one of the stable and strong economies of the world. The main reason behind this is that they have worked and established the technical education in the country and they have trained their people to get expertise in that field so that they can work and bring benefit to the state. On the other hand they have encouraged modern technology to get produced in the state by reducing the import of technology and making it a policy that the brand and the company who wants to expand their business in India will require to create and to set up their manufacturing plant within the country and will bring the technology with them, through this India made themselves aware of the technology, and trained and educated their people in that prospective.

Pakistan in this regard is still far behind as compared to India because here they have started to inculcate the technical education through the technical institutions but still they have not made their technical people get practical exposure of the modern technology and are still relying on the import of the products and not importing the technology. So Pakistan had to bring the technology in the country so that the technical people who are carrying technical education should get the proper opportunity to test and implicate their skills and knowledge for the benefit of the state Pakistan.


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