Fashion Craze among Pakistani Students

Fashion Craze among Pakistani Students.Fashion is the need of today, and it is very important for the people of the country to stay updated in the field of fashion. Adoption of fashion is the symbol of development and modernization on which the country dragged on. Fashion in Pakistan adopted either from the west or from the neighboring countries, where India is on the top of the list, as Bollywood is one mega source through which the people have adopted the fashion in Pakistan. But keeping the fashion under several limitations is very necessary and that is one major drawback which Pakistan is facing due to implication of Fashion.

Fashion Craze among Pakistani Students

Fashion among the students is on its peak and hype, and this has made the children forget all the ethical considerations and the religious obligations which implied on us due to our religion Islam and due to being the national of an ISLAMIC State; Pakistan. The craze of fashion among the students and the youth of Pakistan have crossed all the limits and barriers which have certainly created a new youth in the state which was never expected to formed.

Fashion both in men and women are becoming weird and unacceptable due to the religion which have ultimately formulated a new society where we are living. Fashion among the girls is getting very exposing as it being done in the west and in India, where the girls are more focused on exposing themselves instead of keeping them hidden and covered. This vulgarity being promoted on the name of fashion in the country which has destroyed the national culture of the state and sorry to say that the culture in which we are living is not our culture, due to fashion this culture has become the culture of West.

Males are also not left when it comes to the fashion, torn pants, low jeans and shocking hairstyles are just not the teaching of Islam neither they should the part of the society and culture of an ISLAMIC state. We have surely adopted fashion from the west and showed no concern on the Pros and Cons of this adoption. We have not focused on how crime has increased due to this vast exposure of fashion, the poor students who can’t afford this ELITE fashion involve themselves in unlawful activities like stealing, theft and snatching to get equal to these ELITE fashion holders. It is true that fashion is necessity of life but it should under several restriction and several many, only than fashion will be acceptable and productive.



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