Experience is the Best Teacher

A very true statement which is being made is that; “Experience is the best teacher”. This statement is beings aid because experience is one factor which enables the individual to learn a lot of behaviors and skills in various favorable and unfavorable situations of the life. This paraphrase is not restricted to any respective age group or phase of life but this statement has its impact and its proofs on all the age groups starting from the birth of the child till the death. Human being takes the help from the past and from their experiences so that they can cope up with the various situations in the present and in the upcoming future of their lives.

Experience is the Best TeacherIf we take the child under consideration, a child which is very young and infant also takes help and results from their experience. A very common practice is that when a very young child who is just about a year or so when is brought to a very hot object either the hot cup or a bowl will touch it for the first time, and will surely feel the heat and will response to it and will pull his hand back but whenever next time any hot object will be brought near the child he will not touch it because he will remember his first experience and will not commit the mistake of touching it the next time. This is how a very infant child learns from his experience. No one has taught the child regarding the hot object and even no one can teach such a young child but it is the experience which is known as the best teacher in one’s life which has made the child learns.

If we make the analysis of a grown up child or human being here also we will find that the individual learns such behaviors and attitudes which no teacher and no instructor can make the individual learn. Let’s take another example; if anybody is being ditched by any individual, a guy is being betrayed by the friend, family member, or anyone to whom he was in any relationship. After being ditched the individual will learn some lessons and that will comprise of not to trust and not to get interacted with that very individual again in the life. No teacher and no instructor has made this individual to learn this lesson and even no one can teach him, no matter how long any instructor guides that individual to trust him and to get the relationship again the one who has being ditched once will not commit that mistake again and that is the lesson which the experience has made him learn. So there is no doubt regarding this fact that Experience is the best teacher in one’s life and what is being taught by the past cannot be taught by any teacher or anybody.


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