Effect Of Terrorism On Education In Pakistan

Impact of Terrorism On Education In Pakistan. Terrorism is one of the biggest curse, and the problem which is being faced by Pakistan in the present era; terrorism has so many impacts on so many industries and factors of Pakistan which has affected the economy negatively as well as the goodwill and the image of the country in the international world. Despite of all other effects of the terrorism in Pakistan, education is the one sector which has faced the maximum loss.

Effect Of Terrorism On Education In PakistanTerrorism in Pakistan has inculcated adverse effects on the educational sector and the worth of education in Pakistan which has dismantled the need of education in the country.

There are so many ways through which terrorism effects the education of the state and amongst which few of them are illustrated below;

  • The level of education has been destroyed in Pakistan due to continuous terrorist attacks on the educational institution and the students in Pakistan, and when we talk about the tribal areas of the country the condition is even worse where the students are being brutally killed while they are on their way to school or even the schools are being targeted by bombs. The major impact of this activity is that the parents have stopped their children to attend the schools and kept them in their houses which have reduced the level of education and in the country where the literacy rate is already very low is continuously being demoted.
  • Through the terrorist activities the terrorist have destroyed the educational institutions in most of the tribal areas and hence there are no places left where the students could be educated, this is one adverse impact of the terrorism activities on education as the destruction of schools have reduced the opportunity of distribution and inculcation of education in the state, and so the literacy rate is continuously declining which is not beneficial for the country‚Äôs progress and development.
  • Due to such frequent and excessive terrorist activities specifically on the educational institutions and on the education of Pakistan has brought another very threatening and destructive outcome, the international schools and the educational institutions which were being constructed and established in Pakistan where there were international teachers and international educational system was being implemented has also stopped working now. Due to the danger and threat of terrorist activities in the country these institutions are forced to be closed down, hence one big loss is being witnessed where the opportunity of acquiring the educational of international level has gone in vein.

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