Education Policy Pakistan

Good and Quality education considered as one of the basic necessities of life and are also considered as the major fundamental right of the people of the state. For that purpose Government of Pakistan has also derived and constituted several policies about the education sector of the country, which is liable to give quality education to all the people of Pakistan. Although people look quite disappointed and unsatisfied from these policies which have shown the non-serious attitude of the Government on this very crucial need and choose which lays the foundation for the greatest success of any nation.

The education policy of the country includes the ministry of education on the provincial and federal level both. Each of the provinces has its own ministry of education which is liable to deal the educational issues and decisions within the province. Each province allocated specific educational budget among which they have to manage their expenditure. All the provincial educational ministries are answerable to the federal ministry of education.

Education Policy Pakistan

According to the policy of education which being implemented in the state includes the free primary education to the children of the state, as per the clause under this policy the government is liable and the government is bound to offer the free education to the children of the state both on federal and provincial level of the country. Another very similar clause under this act is that primary education being made compulsory for each & every student of the country and parents in this regard made bound to fulfill this need under the educational policy of Pakistan and the one which are found or which caught not following and not meeting on the need subjected to the respective allocated punishment which might include both the financial penalty as well as lock in jails for the decided time period.

Education Policy PakistanFor the universities and colleges which subjected to divide the degrees which means that the universities and institutions which involved in higher education practices should register and should recognized with the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan which is known as HEC.Pakistan is the state which has a very firm and positive educational policy but unfortunately these policies are not being implemented as per their design. This implementation should ensured so that the future of millions of students of Pakistan who will be the future of the state should make stronger and brighter.


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