Disabled Students Problems In Pakistan

Disabled Students Problems are many and there is possible solution is available here In respect of Pakistan. Being disabled is one big loss and for which remedy is not possible but we should still appreciate the commitment and the dedication of the disable students who are not like other perfect children but still they are striving hard and working significantly to make their mark.

Disabled Students Problems In PakistanThere are several problems which are being faced by the disabled students in Pakistan and the shame is that still no proper infrastructure and provision of facilities are being provided by the government or local bodies to assist them so that their problems and sorrows can be reduced and they should be helped so that they should play their part in the growth of the country and even the establishment of the national economy.

Here are a few significant problems of disabled students in Pakistan which are still being ignored by the government and the Non-Governmental Organizations;

  • The disabled students are not given the transportation facilities and even with their disability they are not provided with the assistance. The students are forced to wait for the local transport and at the same time have to face they pull and push on the public to occupy the seats and to make their journey. Such students should be provided with separate transport so that they are not being made felt and grieved on their disability.
  • The sports activity is one of the most essential components in the life of the students, and that is one thing which is missing in the lives of the disabled students in Pakistan. There are no proper sports events which are being organized by the educational institutions and neither from the government for the disabled students. This discourages the students as they are no healthy activities which are being conducted at the national level, although they are disabled and are not physically normal and they are being made realized for this by not encouraging them into physical activities.
  • In Pakistan there are no such well-known special educational institutions in which the disabled students are being admitted and are being given the proper modern technical and advanced education. In other countries of the world there are proper special schools in which all the disabled students are being given the education, in such institutions the students are not being made felt regarding their disability, but in Pakistan the disabled students are made to compete with the normal students which is not fair on their side because this is unjust and they should be given their own proper platform where they should be free for displaying and demonstrating their skills and their abilities.

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