Difference Between Middle Class and Working Class

The difference between the middle class and working class is being clearly viewed and observed in the society nowadays because people are getting more and more status conscious and in that regard people have differentiated themselves in the sectors of class and status. The people in the especially in the third world countries which includes the developing and under developed countries of the world majority of the population fall in these two categories which includes the middle class and the lower class while a minority of the population is being considered to be categorized in the upper class also known as the elite class in the society today.

Difference Between Middle Class and Working Class

Middle Class & Working Class

Difference Between Middle Class and Working ClassThe difference between the two above mentioned classes is being based on various factors which have further enhanced the distance between the middle class and the working class. Generally the middle class people are the one who are also known as the white collar persons which have a very moderate lifestyle in which they are not exposed to the luxuries of life, they are unable to make their children study inn expensive schools or even wear expensive branded cloths but at the same time they have a life which do have all the basic necessities of life which includes the availability of food and shelter, cloths and education, all these which are considered to be the fundamental rights of the human beings are being afforded by the people of middle class. These people are unable to make any comprehensive savings for their future neither they have any certain economical or financial plan for their upcoming future and for the future of their family and children.

On the other hand the working class is considered to be the lowest status and class in the society which is also known as the labor class in which the people are generally unskilled and are being hired on daily wages in the factories and industries for manual and physical work. That is why these people have their income based on daily wages and that is the main purpose for which they are so financially weak. They are unsure regarding their income because one day they do get the work but on the other day they don’t so they are even deprived form the basic necessities of life.

Their children and family are even kept away from the basic necessities of life and are being considered as the burden the on national economy of the condition, but one thing is for sure that these people are honest and hard working and if the status differences are being eliminated than these people can up to very high standards in the society due to their immense dedication and determination.

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