Common Spending Habits Of College Students

There is a huge question mark on the expenditure of the students in college and that is also one major reason that there are quarrels and debates in the families with the ever increasing expense of the college students. This is a very sensitive topic because this is also considered as one major reason that has brought an increase in the criminal activities in the region because once the students are unable to meet their expenditure and they are not provided with the amount form the home as well than they opt for unethical and criminal activities to fulfill their monetary requirement and get themselves indulged in unlawful activities including theft, robbery and stealing.

Common Spending Habits Of College StudentsLet us have an overview on the common spending habits of the students in their college life;

  • In college the young and unwise students get themselves involved in the activities like smoking, drinking of Shisha, lunches and dinners and social get together which are surely expensive. For the sake of the fun and the entertainment the students don’t hesitate in making the expense under these headings and when students are being inquired they have admitted by saying that their major expense is being done on these useless entertainment.
  • Some students in this age becomes fond of bunking the classes from the college, these students get themselves busy and entertained with the games like snooker and bowling which again are expensive as compared as other activities, so that also contribute into the major component of the entire expenditure made by the students in the college.
  • The college students are very much keen about going on their bikes and vehicles for long trips and when they have nothing to do they prefer to go on the drive with no objective but just to roam on the streets and roads of the cities, during this they have to utilize the fuel and no one will be surprised to know that the price of fuel is as high as ever in the last half a decade or so in the entire world.
  • Affairs and relationships between the young girls and the boys is on the extreme when the students are in the college life because this is the time when they are on the urge of being the youth and still not wise enough, so a major expense in the college life is being done on buying the gifts and bearing the expenses of the partners in such relationships which are a major constituent of the entire spending habits of the students in their college life.


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