Common Interview Questions for Admission in University

Interviews are being made so common in almost all the sectors and phases of life. No one can get rid of interviews and has to go through this phase once or even more than once in their life. All the interviews have their own demands and requirements, as one can not set any standard for the interviews which might suit all the types and situation of the interview. Here is one more situation where we can face the interview which is when the students qualify the entrance examination for any respective university they are further called for the interview which completes the process and the interviewers decides whether to give the admission to the candidate or not. Here are few questions and their probably right answers for the students.

University Admission Interview Questions

Common Interview Questions for Admission in University

Question 1: Tell Me about yourself as a student?

This is the very first and the most important question in the interview for admission in any university. This is very open ended question so one can get as deep in to the answer as he want. But to be concise and complete you should focus only on your academic information and background. Tell the interviewer about your achievements in the academic circle and how bright and sharp a student you are.

Question 2: Why Do You Want to Attend this School?

In such questions the interviewer wants to know that how you rate his institute and what are your feelings regarding that respective educational institution. Here the interviewee must be slightly diplomatic, and your answer to this question should comprise only the positive and eye catching factors and qualities of the institute. Never get in to the negatives especially when you are answering this very question.

Question 3: How will you contribute to this campus?  

This question is also very much compulsory in such interviews. The interviewee must make sure that he should be able to convey his or her mission and aim for the purpose he or she is willing to join that very institution. In such questions show your intention that you will prove to be one productive asset and resource for the image of the institution.

Question 4: What are your academic interests?

The academic interest should be the one in which you have applied for the academic institution. Never show that you have the interest in any of the educational fields which are contrary to the one in which you are applying or for which you have appeared in the interview.

Question 5: Do you have any questions and Queries?

Always take this question seriously. Never say “NO” straight forwardly to such questions. Always do ask your queries with the interviewer as this will show how focused and determined you are to join that respective institution and will surely impress the interviewer. A direct “NO” will impose the non-serious attitude of the interviewee in the interviewer’s mind.

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