BISE Punjab Online Admission Portal for SSC and HSSC

As the usage of the internet and getting the processes online is getting more and more popular and due to this it encouraged the Punjab Government to get forward in this regard and that resulted in the formation of the BISE Punjab online admissions portal for both the SSC and HSSC examinations. The government has provided this facility in which the students can get access to the database from their own homes and are not forced to visit and wait for their turn in the long lines at the board examination office. The process is very short timed and easily understandable for the students.

Let us have the overview of the portal for the SSC examination. The website link which will take the individual to the portal is the highly effective and innovative way of submission of forms is being witnessed in this concern. The process starts when the student enters his or her prescribed login id on the very front page with the password which is allocated to them.

BISE Punjab Online Admission Portal for SSC and HSSC

After the authentication the student clicks the board options from the checklist present at the end of the front page. The successful authentication will take the candidate inside the portal where there will be two options. One on the left side of the viewer which will be for the users who have already made the registration and on the right side of the viewer will be the one for the new users. The new users should click and check the new registration which will make appear a page which is said to be the online registration form. The form consists of various information which are to be filled by the candidate which includes the name of the candidate, father’s name, the B Form number of the candidate, the NIC number of the father and the date of birth of the candidate.

After which the options for the gender column are being checked, then the religion is being checked and after it the verification of the nationality is to be made. The inquiry regarding being the Hafiz-e-Quran is also being made and the mentioning of any physical or mental disorder. The candidates are also to attach the photograph with it which is being made through browsing the picture from their computer and uploading it with the form.After this contact information is being provided which will comprise of the home address, phone number, email id and the mobile number so that contact could be made. After the contact information the candidate has to fill the examination information in which he will select the category of the examination and the selection of the elective subjects will be made. After which there is the inquiry of bank details for the private candidates so that they could deposit their fees. After this the submission of the form is being done by saving it and submitting it to the board.


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