BISE Sheikhupura 5th Class Result 2023 Attock, Chakwal, Bhakkar

Through this website, we are going to share BISE Sheikhupura 5th Class Result 2023 Attock, Chakwal, Bhakkar district. You can get online error free result on 31 of March. This result will announce by PEC Punjab examination commission. It is a very responsible educational body that conducts 5th and 8th class exams and announces online results for these exams. From this page, you can check separately for Sheikhupura 5th class result, Attock board 5th class result and also for the other two districts written. Remember this portal covering all districts and their Tehsils. Those students who were appeared through the discussed districts can easily check result by just entering the roll number in the given bar.

BISE Sheikhupura 5th Class Result 2023 Attock, Chakwal, Bhakkar

SHEIKHUPURA have the total of 5 districts that are FEROZWALA, SHEIKHUPURA, MURIDKE, SAFDARABAD and SHARAQPUR and those students who were appeared in 5th class exam through this district and its tehsil they all can get the online result with just one click that is available in red color. So check BISE Sheikhupura 5th Class Result 2023 through this link.

Sheikhupura 5th Class Result 2023 Attock, Chakwal, Bhakkar

PEC 5th and 8th Class result

BISE Sheikhupura 5th Class Result 2023:

All students from Sheikhupura district can check their BISE Sheikhupura 5th Class Result 2023 by name and roll number. Besides the Sheikhupura, Attock, Chakwal, Bhakkar 5th Class Result 2023, we are also providing the other boards and districts result for the 5th class you can click on any of the following district names to get its result. A new page will be open which will ask you for roll number and that’s it.

BISE Attock 5th Class Result 2023:

ATTOCK have total six Tehsil that is FATEH JANG, ATTOCK, HASSANABDAL, HAZRO, JAND and PINDI GHEB and you will get all these Tehsils Attock 5th class result 2023. The online BISE Attock 5th Class Result 2023 and its tehsils will also available on the same date that is 31st of March 2023. All student can get result online with just one click we give you a few links in below side so do not miss this page. Students can check Sheikhupura 5th Class Result 2023 online by their names and roll numbers.

BISE Chakwal 5th Class Result 2023:

Students from Chakwal district can check BISE Chakwal 5th class result 2023 online from the below-given links. CHAKWAL district has total of 4 Tehsils that is CHOA SAIDAN SHAH, CAKWAL, KALLAR KAHAR and TALAGANG and this page will cover all these Tehsils and give you Chakwal 5th class result 2023. Just keep on reading and scroll down this page to check result by roll number and name.

BISE Bhakkar 5th Class Result 2023:

In last we want to share we will also cover BHAKKAR District and its Tehsil 5th class online result. BHAKKAR have the total of 4 tehsils that is BHAKKAR, DARYA KHAN, KALLUR KOT and MANKERA. If you will want the BISE Bhakkar 5th Class Result 2023 class result and then do not forget this portal that is available only for you. BISE Sheikhupura 5th Class Result 2023 is also available 31st of March 2023.

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  1. Last night during the now called Nor”easter here, I was trying to relax like a normal Friday night. However, I get an email with all new safety procedures for our own school district. Needless to say, I was reading through it and had one of those “Back in the Day moments myself. See I even went to the same high school in this district that my girls will be going to. So, reading how the district is going to handle kids coming and going during school hours in this same high school made me flashback to my own high school days. During this time, there was never any worry of shootings or more. I can even recall sneaking out to cut class pretty easily during a regular high school school day. Not that I would hope my girls would cut class. But still it just made me realize how much less complicated things were back then versus now. Again not trying to trivialize how things are nowadays. But still our biggest concerns back in my own high school days were how not to get caught cutting. Now these kids have to worry that they have their valid school ID on them to get back in and out of a building and actually punch in and out electronically to do so. They also have to fear for their lives god forbid just going to school. Seriously when did things get this out of control? I know it is a rhetorical question, but still I just can”t help but wonder.

    • Abdul Qayum Safdar Roll No:14-213-111
      Result: English: 33, URDU: 35, Mathematics: 47, Science: 18, Islamiyat: 34 ,Total: FAIL 🙁


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