Pakistan Science Contest 2014 for Schools and Colleges, Registration

Pakistan is going to be held an annual Science Contest on 6th February 2014 for the School and Colleges where students aware with science and its applications which is being across the world. This annual and largest event will be organized under the flag of PLWT a trust not-for-profit provider of education. All the students can take part in great event where many of things are available through which they can learn more and more and is beneficial for them. The best thing is that Science Contest 2014 is being held at national level where students participate either they are from Lahore or Karachi.

Pakistan Science Contest 2014

Eligibility Criteria

The students which have interesting to join the Science Contest 2014 has chance to prove their qualities. To participating in the Science Contest 2014 there are four levels of students that can join. The level of students is given below

  • Junior level class 5-6
  • Ovate level class 7-8
  • Elder level class 9-10 (O-level)
  • Fighter level class 11-12 (A-level)

Maximum students will be welcome in a single institute and presence of minimum 5 students’ in a class is must from any School and College

How to participate?

Only Schools Colleges are invited in Science Contest but to joint this event complete the registration form is mandatory. New comer students that not know about Science Contest sample paper is given on this page. Registration form and sample paper is available here

Deadline for registration:  20th November 2013

Participation Fee:  Rs.   500 per students

Pakistan Science Contest 2014 for Schools and Colleges, Registration

Pakistan Science Contest 2014 Registration Form

Registration Form

Registration Form    [PDF]   [MSWord]

Instructions & Information

Information for Competition Coordinators    [PDF]
Instructions for Invigilators    [PDF]
Instructions & Important Deadlines    [PDF]


Pakistan Science Contest 2014 Sample Papers

Science Contest only for those students that read in 5 class to 12 class. There are categories of levels of classes . the sample papers is given below and you can understand what will be type of competition.

Class V, VI Junior Level
Class VII, VIII Ovate Level
Class IX, X / O-Level Elder Level
Class XI & XII / A-Level Fighter Level


Prizes and Awards will give to the students that are joining the Science Contest. There will be competition and awards will be given to the students on the base of classes and district.

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