Warid Mifi VS Zong Mifi Prices, Packages Rates Speed

Internet users can get better comparison details between Warid MiFi and Zong Mifi here you can get details about Warid Mifi VS Zong Mifi Prices, Packages Rates Speed with explain brief. After 2014 In Pakistan all telecom companies offer internet latest technology that named 3G and 4G internet service. Warid is only Telecom Company in Pakistan that is providing 4G LTE service with extra speed and Zong is one and only Pakistani company that introduced 4G internet technology 1st time in Pakistan before Warid LTE so both telecom companies internet speed is better than any other company. After this brief introduction readers got major point about both telecom companies.

Warid Mifi VS Zong Mifi Prices, Packages Rates Speed

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Warid Mifi Prices, Packages Rates Speed

Warid Mifi is wireless routers that will easily connecting with different devices like tablets, laptops, smartphone.

Warid Mifi Router range:

30 feet is Warid Router range

Warid Mifi purchasing offers:

With Warid device you will get 105 GB free of cost internet for 3 months

Warid Mifi Price 9,999 rupees

Warid Mifi Device Price:

3500 with any packages that details is available in below side.

Warid Mifi  Smart Volume 15GB and Monthly Charges 1500

Warid Mifi Extra Volume 20GB with 2000 amount

Warid Mifi Ultra Volume 35GB with 3000 Per month charges

Warid Mifi VS Zong Mifi Prices, Packages Rates Speed 01

Zong Mifi Prices, Packages Rates Speed:

Zong offers pocket internet so you will use internet on any place where your want to get connect with Zong Mifi device. Zong 3G Mifi device run through battery backup and this device will connect with maximum 10 devices in same time.

Zong Mifi Prices:

Super 3G MiFi Zong Device price is PKR 15,000

Zong Mifi Specification:

Connect 10 device with Zong Mifi

Zong Mifi device show LCD display for device status

6 hours stand by  battery backup is available with this device

Zong Mifi Packages:

Monthly 24GB Packages of Zong Mifi:

Monthy 24GB Volume price 15,00

Monthly 50Gb Bundle price 2000

Monthly 100GB Monthly price 3800

Monthly 150 GB price 5000

Monthly 200Gb price 6,000

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