The Impact Of Modern City Life On Man

The life of human being was never so fast, hectic and self centered as it is in the modern word and especially in the modern cities of the world. The world is changing rapidly and rapidly are the changes seen in the man of today. The fast and nonstop strive in the modern city life has made human beings self centered and selfish as they are just concerning for themselves regardless so of any consideration given to any other person. The responsibility and the burden of work load has stiffened the schedule of the people living in the modern cities because here the race is not for success but the race is for survival and the one who stops himself for a Nino-second here is being crushed by the millions of others who are running after him in this race so there is no margin for thinking neither there is any margin of stopping. This demand from the life in the modern cities has made the man kind in to a machine which is only looking for his targets and in that process he is willing to compromise on everything including his family, friends, social life and even religion as well.

The life of modern city has made man in to an animal that has no feelings for anybody anymore as they just wants to get the bets for themselves. The real time examples of for this impact is that in the modern cities the people are not aware of the fact that what are the conditions and in which situations the neighbors are living, they even don’t know their names in various cases which determines that they are least bother regarding the social interaction with the neighbors as they more concerned to think only for themselves. People have started neglecting their families as well as they get indulged in the busy schedule of the modern cities. The children are no more caring for their parents and parents do not have spare time for their children due to their own considerations and priorities.

Humanity and patriotism has simply just vanished in the people living in modern cities and at the same time the price of the human life is reduced dramatically as this can be witness on the roads and streets where in accidents none of the people even bother to stop and see whether the wounded person is alive or not just because they are getting late to their offices. The respect and the care for the state has been eliminated from the lives of the people living in modern cities, as in short the people living in modern cities are living the lives of machines and robots with no emotions, interactions and concern for others.


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