The Effects Of Technological Progress Essay

The science has urged on the technological progress and has been in the process of continual advancement with new and new technologies getting in to the access of the people on every single day that passes out. This states the frequency of the technological progress in the lives of the people. With no doubt there are clear effects of the technological progress on the lives and the living habits of the people all over the globe. Some of them are negative impacts and some of them are positive impacts. But the researches have shown the fact that the effects of technological progress are mainly positive which have ease the life of the people and has brought more convenient.

Almost every sector of life has been improved by the induction of the technology in it. Either it is communication, traveling, eating or machinery; every aspect of life is being improved and polished by the inculcation of the modern technology. For example communication which was considered to be the barrier in the progress of any nation as there were no such reliable communicating means but now we do have numerous technologies which are working in making the long distance come shorter, and the technological advancement in this category is not just restricted to the vocal communication but the visuals are also now possible which has reduced the distances and have given a reliable and more convenient source of communication.

Traveling was considered to be the most hectic part in which people used to travel for days and months to reach their respective destination but nowadays transportation and traveling has been so easy that it can take you round the world in the matter of hours and days. Initially the technological progress improved the road transport than they moved to the air transport as this is the technological advancement. Food which was considered to be the most crucial aspect of life, as it preservation was to be the most problematic and significant process in long journeys but nowadays cooked foods are available in tin packs the food items can be reprocessed and can be preserved for days and months. These all technological progresses and many more have made the life easier and more pleasant for the people and have given them the opportunity to experience the best possible taste of life with the access to all the modern technology and advanced processes.

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