The Difficulties Of Studying Through A Foreign Language As Medium Of Instruction

The trend of foreign education is getting more and more popular in the modern days where children are keener to go to abroad for acquiring their respective education. There are so many problems such children and students faces when the plan and start their education in any country other than their home land. Amongst such problems the most common and highly affected problem is the difficulties which the students face in the foreign language as the medium of instructions in the educational institutions. It is relatively easy to get the accommodation in the entirely new place, can find the food and other basic necessities of life but the prime objective of such students is to acquire knowledge and if the lectures and the medium of instruction is a foreign language which you might not know is the core of all the problems and issues.

This is one reason for which many universities especially the European universities have restricted the candidates to initially get the language course of that respective country only than the candidate is considered to be eligible for any university in that country’s university. Like the universities in Germany has restricted the students coming from other countries to first pass the German language course and then apply for the universities same is the case with the universities in Spain and Italy as they have imposed the restriction of clearing the Spanish and Italian language courses respectively before getting the admission. All is done because they know that how problematic it becomes for the students to get the understanding of the language which they have never listened nor spoken.

In such cases the students faces two major problems the very first is that they are unable to understand what their mentor and instructor is teaching them which means that they are unable to get the information and knowledge in the class which generally creates 50% of the total problems because communication barrier is the most injurious barrier for the students. Hence one will not understand the instructions than how he/she can expect to do well in that respective subject or course.

The second most crucial problem which is again related to this communication barrier through the foreign language instructions is that the student will not be able communicate properly with his/her instructor and will not be able to tell him the problems, confusions, mistakes and the weakness and once all these things are kept within the student than the instructor will not be able to identify and then solve the problems of the effective students which will ultimately result in the downfall of the students progress as he might not be able to even pass the course.

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