The Choice Of A Profession Essay

Army is considered to be the most desirable profession and that is why the criteria of selection is very tough and difficult as it requires immense preparation and awareness if an individual is willing to get in to the national forces like Army. The charm of this profession is because the image of these guys, the respect they have gained and the incentives and benefits which they enjoy are considered to be attractive enough that it has gained the attention of the majority of the people and they have started their struggle and have started to strive for being inculcate in to the army.

Army officials do have a personality which is adorable and is being appreciated by everyone and that is one major reason for which getting in to the army has become the supreme choice of profession. The respect and status which is being given to the army official is so charming and attractive and the career growth which is considered to be very rapid and justified has even increased the interest of the people in it. The most appreciating thing is that the youth is getting the awareness and is getting more and more involved in getting their profession in the Army and national forces.

Another factor that has increased the ratio of the people favoring this profession is the level of thrill involved in it, living in areas like valleys, borders and at the same time involving the activities like camping and hiking is attractive for some people and they consider themselves to be appropriate for this profession because they know that they can handle the pressure, thrill and excitement in such conditions. The level of patriotism has also increased the level inculcation of the people in this profession as people think that they can serve their nation by getting associated with such profession like army. This is because there are very few professions and careers which provides the opportunity to its professionals for serving the nation.

The benefits and the incentives which are given to the army officials are also considered to be mouth watering as although their salaries are not that much attractive but at the same time they do have benefits and incentives which in the present age are more than enough and are worthy enough of getting in to the profession, so all these factors have made Army and national forces as the ultimate choice of profession.

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