Social Services And Its Various Forms

Social services is basically the divine work or task which is being done by the people for the rehabilitation and support of any individual, group or even any community. The basic aim of the social worker is to improve the lives of the people by helping them in any form possible which might be financial support or moral support or any other technical or skill based help provided to the one who is in desperate need of it is known as Social Services. There are so many government based organizations which are working for this very noble cause and at the same time there are so many non-governmental organizations which are denoted as NGO’s; are working with this aim in mind.

They are not concerned with the profit generation and mostly the social service is being done voluntarily as no compensation in any form is being paid. There are so many types and forms of the social services amongst which few main forms are illustrated below:

  1. Social services mediate; It is the type of social service which provides the people and the needy audience with the basic needs just like food, water, shelter and clothes. The main purpose behind this social service is to strengthen the basis of the week people so that they could get independent soon and should not rely on anybody for all their lives.
  2. Social counseling; Counseling is another very crucial aspect of social services, in the modern era giving consultancy is considered to be one of the most costly and expensive task but when it comes under social service then counseling is being give free of cost and any charges.
  3. Emergency assistance; It is one of the most significant and divine form of social work which mainly most of the people loves to do. This social service is given to those people who are in need of it on emergency basis as it could be any medical emergency which might include a delivery, an accident, any mishap either on road, office or even at home. The social workers and the social organizations do have proper machinery and trained people which can cope up in such emergency conditions before it gets too late while getting to the hospital.
  4. Educational Institutions; The social services which are related to the education are the most important social service in the modern era. This is because education is considered to be the most vital and crucial necessity of life of the present age and many people and children are kept away from it just due to financial issues. The social bodies have been working actively in establishing educational institutions where the students are given free education, provided with the relevant books and infrastructure and where teachers are the volunteer social people rendering their services.



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