Short Essay On Cinema,Its Uses And Abuses

Here is Short Essay On Cinema,Its Uses And Abuses. Cinema has always been a source of entertainment for the people since many decades and at the same time with entertainment it has also contributed in increasing the awareness amongst the people on national issues and technologies and even has also kept the people in touch with the past and history of the people and mankind. Initially cinema was used to bring plays and dramas on theaters before the concept of movies and film was initiated.

If the core function of cinema is kept under consideration than it has so many uses which can be listed down in the favor of cinema but the modern cinema has been a point of concern for the people and at the same time is getting slightly more controversial as the impact and its abuses are revealing to be more negative and dangerous for the society.

Uses of Cinema:

  • The very basic use of cinema was to entertain the people it could be done by plays and comedy shows which gives the people a sigh of relief in this hectic world and busy schedule.
  • It is also considered to be the best source of information and awareness and various discoveries and inventions were shown as the documentary in the cinemas which became very much beneficial for the people of all age and gender.
  • The animated shows and the cartoon characters which were associated in the cinema were very much attractive for the people and such cartoon characters played the vital role in bringing the young children to the cinemas so that they can enjoy the fun on big screens. This initiative started to bring the families in to cinema as the place started to gain some respect and appreciation in the society.
  • History and events which were very significant in the past were neglected due to lack of information and awareness; cinema was initially used as the source of inculcation knowledge and awareness amongst the people regarding the past events and the crucial occasions of history.

Abuses of Cinema:

  • In present the cinema has been no more a respectable place where families can visit, but it has become a more vulgar place due to the programs which are getting more and more adults scenes.
  • The movies and films which are nowadays kept in cinemas are no longer family movies and are being watched by youngsters which do get them run or wrong track which ultimately disturbs the environment and culture of the society.

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