Short Essay Housing Problems In Big Cities

Living in big cities have so many attractions of life and facilities which have attracted millions of people to migrate from small cities and get settled in the big cities but beside all the attractions and facilitation there are numerous problems which come side by side when the people migrate and gets settled in big cities. The biggest problem of all times in big cities is the accommodation problem which in clear words is the problem of housing in the big cities. Housing and getting accommodation is considered to be the most common and very crucial problem for the people who are planning to live in big cities.

 There are several reasons for this problem to incur which includes;

  1. In big cities the population is very high because people do tend to live in big cities where they have all the basic necessities of life and all the facilities to live a better life but due to such high population the territory and the land becomes shorter because accommodating such high population is a massive task and that is why finding the good location is very much difficult as people have already reserved and have established their homes and houses in the good places so it is hard to find a vacant place for the new entrants.
  2. People do always look for places where they have their needs fulfilled very easily that means they look their houses near markets, transportation, offices and where they are provided with all the necessities at their doorsteps. In big cities there are majority of the places which fulfills this requirement but at the same time they are very much expensive because giving every facility at your doorstep will not cost you cheap. This expensive house are beyond the purchasing and affordability range of many people and hence they are unable to buy homes in good areas which creates further more problems that either they spend huge amount for the good place or move to a place that is cheap but will have problems regarding the basic needs of life.
  3. In modern and big cities the trend of rented houses and homes is very much popular and common and that is why majority of the people are on rented houses because they are unable to buy the property due to its huge amount and cost but rental houses have their own problems as the continuous burden on the monthly expense gets more and more frustrating for people. Getting portions in a house is done for the purpose of costs having but that further makes the situation even worse as the problems of landlords and the problems of other families living with you on rent makes the life in to a living hell.


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