Science A Blessing Or A Curse Essay

A very common debate which is being done in almost all the sectors and phases of life is that whether science is a blessing or a curse. By saying science in this sense we mean the modern technology and the advancements which are being done in the field of science so far. To this question there is a very simple and accurate answer which states that everything has its good points and its bad points as it depends on its usage, same is the case with science and modern technology.

Science is obviously a blessing which has improved the living of the people and has increased the awareness amongst the mankind regarding the various energies and technologies around them but it depends on the nature of the usage of science as it can be a curse if it is intended to be used in the negative way.

The major example of this statement is the usage of Atomic energy which is also known as nuclear energy. It is a great invention of science and is helpful in more than one ways. The atomic energy can be used as the alternate to the traditional energy sources like coal and gas at the same time it can be used to produce electricity but if man intends to use it negatively than it can be a curse and destructive for the human beings. The example of this destruction is what USA did with Nagasaki and Hiroshima by attacking with nuclear bombs which totally finished the life of every living thing on this portion of the world. Using science in this manner is surely the curse for the mankind.

There are so many points which can be brought under discussion top prove that science is a blessing unti9l or unless it is negatively used which makes it a curse for the human being. Computer and internet is one of the most significant and helpful invention of science which has reduced the work load and at the same time has also empowered man with the modern technology. At present there might be no single industry which is not using and getting the benefits from this advancement in the run of modernization but if it is used negatively.

As computers and internet is used for unethical purposes which includes fraud, hacking, online bank robberies and pornography than it can be a curse for the people as it will not be helpful anymore but will become disastrous. So it so concluded that science is a blessing and is very helpful for the people as it has brought more stability in the processes but at the same time it can be in injurious and disastrous if used with a negative intention.



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