Pakistan Of My Dreams Essay

Pakistan is not in the best of its conditions as it is facing several threats and problems in the present era which have destroyed the image of the state as well as have endangered the lives of the people living here. Despite of such conditions I had a dream of having a country which is far away from all such problems. My dream Pakistan will be a state where the law and order situation will be perfect. No terrorist activities will be done in the premises of the country and the lives of each and every person will be safe in the country. It will not only be the lives of the people which must be safe in the dream state but at the same time the property as well as the dignity and respect of each and every nationalist should be preserved and should be safeguarded.

The country which will be free from sectarian war will be my dream Pakistan where people of all the sects can live freely and can fulfill their religious obligations with entire freedom, as it is not only for the various sects but for all the religions as Pakistan is the Islamic Country and Islam is the religion of peace so in my dream Pakistan all the religions should be given equal protection and equal liberty to perform their obligations and no restrictions would be applied.

Pakistan at this time is facing the most threatening problem which is of power crisis as the country is having the short fall for electricity, CNG, Petrol and even natural gas. So in my dream home land there will be no energy crisis as all the requirement of the energy crisis will be fulfilled on both domestic and commercial zones. This is because once this issue is being resolved we can surely create the dream Pakistan because our economy has been dented by these crises and hence Pakistan has been left behind in the race of development in the world nowadays.

A dream Pakistan will be having the loyal and honest politicians which will work for the national interest of the country and they will prefer the interest of the country over their personal interests. The leadership of the country will be purified from all the corruption, theft and unjust activities. And once these situations will be achieved Pakistan will be become a living dream land for its people.

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