My Idea Of Happy Life

Students can get Free Essay about My Idea Of Happy Life. Life is never the bed of roses but in majority of the cases it is the way full of thorns and that is why not all the people are happy and satisfied with their lives and in such circumstances they normally lives a restless life cursing themselves and the problems which they are going through. But this is not the solution for this problem, the life will keep on getting harsh on you and will create more troubles so its depends on the attitude and the behavior of the individual that how brilliantly and wisely he/she tackles the situations.

There are so many ideas which are considered to be the key for happiness and mental satisfaction for the people but generally there is one rule which is considered to be the universal rule of happiness which is known as NO DEMANDS and NO COMPLAINTS. When the people opts such behavior in which they don’t complaint and neither makes those never ending demands can lead a successful and happy life. Why is this so…? The quick and short answer to this perception is that there are majorly two things which generally are the reason of pain and hurting in the lives of the people. Amongst these two things; first is when the DEMANDS of the people are not being fulfilled and the second is when they have ever increasing and non stopping Complaints.

If the people learn how to tackle these two situations in the lives it is guaranteed that they will be able to live a happy life. This does not means that they will not have the problems in their lives and they will not be having any complaints, but they will be able to deal with them more appropriately and wisely which will make them feel happy and ultimately will reduce the stress, frustration and dissatisfaction from their lives which is considered to be the biggest harm to the life and happiness of an individual.

My idea of happy life is that no one gets the life without problems and no one has the happy life gifted to them but it is the people themselves which are responsible for making it happy or sad, successful or failure or even satisfactory or dis satisfactory. Take the problems positively and do strive to find the possible solution because their is no problem in the world which do not have the appropriate solution so instead of cursing the life and its problems do praise the blessings of life and do work hard to construct a happy life.

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