Indo Pak Relations From 1947 Till Date

Pakistan and India have always been in the state of cold war since the independence which took placed on 14th August 1947, from then they have simply worked against the interest of Pakistan. The relations between the two neighboring countries started to become bad from the first day of independence when the divisions of assets of the Sub Continent India was not being done fairly in which the benefits were being given to the Indian state and even what Pakistan had the right was also not given to them properly.

India Pakistan Relations

India Pakistan Relations EssayAlthough India and Pakistan do have a very core and basic difference of religion but they have made the situation even worse due to their aggressive and arrogant attitude. From the day one India had a bad intention of conquering Pakistan and that is why they have even have made various attempts of doing it, amongst which the most common and most important event took place on 6th September 1965, when the Indian army penetrated in to the Pakistani border and without warning attacked them, but they failed in doing so as they faced a very harsh defeat by the hands of the Pakistani army.

The political differences and war of words have never being lightened in the history of Indo-Pak as none of the individuals do ever miss a chance of blaming each other. The Indus Water treaty which was being signed in 1971 was a positive movement towards mutual consent but that was also being rigged by the Indian political bodies as they do tend to stop the water from the Indus river because they are very well aware that Pakistan is an agro based country and their majority of the income and GDP depends on the agricultural products, and by stopping the main river line they can cause the damage to the crops and fields. India would have attacked one thousand times if Pakistan would have not become an atomic power as this has surely put India on the back foot because they know that being an atomic power they cannot afford to get in to the state of war with Pakistan.

Mumbai Attacks on the 27th of November was another event which increased the tension between the two countries as the terrorist attacks which was generally the planned conspiracy by the Indian government was being blamed on Pakistan and that was the time when the things started to get even worse and the negotiations and treaties were being declared as void and now we are in such situation that the line of Control on the Indian Border has been in the state of war, as not once but numerous times Indian army has gone against the treaty of peace and have opened firing on the borders which have killed many people living across the border in the Pakistani territory including members of Pakistani army.

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