Essay/Speech on Discipline in Student Life

Discipline in Student Life is considered to be one of the most crucial and important traits of personality in any person’s life and more importantly when the stage of the life is of a student. This is because the life of a student is the learning stage as in this phase of life they learn and grasp the various personality traits which are being carried through them all over their life. So it is very much important that they are being taught and are being molded in such a manner due to which the respective person can lead a very civilized and learned life. Unfortunately in every part of the world students generally doesn’t have that level of discipline is required from them and more significantly when the students are in their higher schools and college life. Is such situation the lives of various students are being destroyed due to the incidence which is being lead due to misbehaving and unfair discipline, the students should be made aware regarding the good and bad and should be well aware regarding the difference between all what is disciplined and what is misbehaving. This difference should be very much clear so that every student should lead a civilized life in which they should not be accused for any misbehave of code of conduct.

Essay, Speech on Discipline in Student Life

Under the comprehensive circumference of the discipline in Student life there are so many features and factors which should be taken under consideration. The student should have very clear boundaries which should never be over ruled and should not be crossed because crossing several limitation can be considered as an anti discipline activity. Amongst the student the very common activity which is included as one very core activity under the section of discipline in life of a Student is the respect and the behavior with the children and including in any misbehave activities. In the modern world the cases of disrespect given to the teachers is a very alarming situation because the student which are disrespecting at such initial stage, can be very much threatening in the upcoming future where such students can be very much dangerous for nay nation.

On the other hand when the students at very initial stage of their life learns the fact and art of being discipline can lead a very successful life because and disciplined person can be a very good human being. And when being the student a person learns to be disciplined he/she can tackle up with any of the unfavorable situations of their life and can be very much productive for the nation. The responsibility of inculcating discipline in students life  is the major responsibility of the teachers but at the same the parents should also play the vital role in this regard so that can be successful in upbringing a very disciplined individual which can contribute in the growth of the nation as well as the respective family in the future.

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