Essay On Uses of Computer in Various Fields

About many years ago the word computer  had started to use in the dictionary. Nobody had an idea about that what is a computer ?.  Some people even did not know exactly what is it. The value of this machine like a computer is extremely increasing day by day. Therefore computer becomes more and more popular around the world. We can use computer everywhere and it is very helpful for our life.

The usage of computer has become a part of life in our daily routine. We can use computers in education field. We can use it for Computer Gaming, an Entertainment, an Information, chatting, Online Examination, Online Training Resources, Marketing, Stock Exchange. We can use computer in the medical field also such as Hospital Management, Patient History, Patients Monitoring, Life Support Systems and Diagnosis Purpose.

Essay On Uses of Computer in Various FieldsWe use computers in Departmental store. We keep the record of prices of different things which we have in store. This is very applicable to all users. The computer is used in an office where we perform different tasks. For example the management and administration tasks performed in an office. Office used advanced computer technologies to perform various tasks.

We use a computer in networking field. We use different applications in the computer like as E-mail and voice mail. We use also various software where we touch with each other at anywhere and anytime. There are bundle of applications in computer. The life has become easy through computer. I think computer set a good example in the world. Some days before in USA, computer met tow sisters with each other that has lost in her childhood.

Under 16 years old students use computer mostly so they can play games on computer because 1st choice of students is playing in your spare time. They feel very nice to use computer and enjoy a lot. Computer is a mini friend it have its memory like as brain. It is dependent machine. We save our data in computer and open it after man years then data is safe and sound. We store our beautiful memories in shape of pictures and when we wants and see it and goes to past life.

Computer solve our problems in daily life. If we want to go anywhere whose route is not memories us then we take help from computer and search the relevant route map. We use computer also in an aeroplane where we get help for route guide. This is application of computer. We use computer for tracking objects. If we lost our precious thing then relevant department help us through computer and catch the thief in few minutes.

Computer dose not take more time during the task that is given by us. We perform activity through computer and save our time. Computer use in our offices, schools, colleges,universities,medical fields,engineering fields,business fields,banking and sports. Nowadays the electronic media work on computer mostly. We knows every thing through computer which is being in the whole world. Computer has become essential part for the world. Computer connect us with each other.  We can not live more without computer.


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