Essay On The Problems Of Retarded Children

The world is trying to give the retarded children a living zone that is comfortable for them but still people are unable to satisfy the retarded children up to their standards and that is one reason for which the problems of the retarded children is getting more and more in number and in common as well. Although there are rehabilitation centers and special schools which are working day and night so that they can accommodate such children which are mentally or physically retarded but due to the lack of concentration devoted to them and very limited availability of such schools are continuously increasing the problems of the retarded children.

The Problems Of Retarded Children

Amongst these problems the most common and important problems which should be addressed on urgent basis includes the following;

  1. The retarded children do have speaking problems which means that they are unable to convey their messages to the respondent and that is considered to be the most crucial problem which enlarges the communication barrier amongst the retarded children and their facilitators or respondents, due to which their demands are left unattended which increases anxiety and frustration inside them ultimately making the mental and physical condition from bad to worse.
  2. As the retarded children are unable to convey the message properly likewise they are unable to understand what is beings said to them, which becomes problematic for them to understand and then perform what is being guided to them in the process of rehabilitation, and not fulfilling the allocated tasks prolong their development and recovery tenure.
  3. Majority of the retarded children are not given the proper attention and are ignored in the society especially in the developing countries where the proper focus is not given to such children becomes hazardous for them as their conditions started to get worsen due to no proper and prescribed treatment.
  4. Special schools and rehabilitation centers are not so much common in the countries like in Asia and Africa where such children are simply kept at home where the family does the doings for them which reduce the will power amongst such children and they become use to of such behaviors. The main reason behind this is that although there are such institutions but still they are very less as compared to the number of retarded children are which leaves thousands of such mentally ill children unnoticed and unattended.

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