Description Of A Pakistani Juggler Essay

Jugglers are one of those characters which are being commonly seen on the roads of Pakistan, no matter it is city or village, rural or urban area of the state there are jugglers on the roads and in the markets which are trying to entertain the people and by doing this they earn money for their livelihood. Jugglers are not well presentable and how can they be; as they are very poor and are forced to do this act in all the unfavorable environmental conditions of Pakistan just because of their earning. Mainly the jugglers are uneducated people which belong to very poor families and they have just learn few old traditional tricks which they play on repeated basis so that they can entertain the people and the audience because until or unless they will be unable to entertain the audience they will not give him a single penny.

Generally the juggler has old clothes which might be torn from several places, he usually have a cloth wrapped on the head and at the same time an old bag hanging on his shoulder. This is the general description of the juggler in Pakistan. The bag which he carries with him usually contains the assisting materials which are required for his show that might include a flute or a drum and even in some cases the juggler keeps the food which he has collected for eating in the bag. Jugglers do also have some animals which they carry with them which are mainly to attract the children so that they enforce their parents for the show and hence he can able to make his earning. The animals which might be assisting the juggler in his act can be a monkey, a dog, a goat or even a bear which acts on the instructions of the juggler.

In Pakistan juggler are not well known for the magic and tricks because they don’t have that much knowledge and awareness but yes in few cases the jugglers can be performing acts like magic shows on the streets where they perform small acts and tricks which might not amuse the audience to huge extent but can do the good for such that he can earn some money. On an average a juggler in Pakistan earns round about one hundred to two hundred rupees a day which is not sufficient but in such conditions of Pakistan it is much better option than begging as at least he tries to earn lawful money for himself and for his family.

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