Cowards Die Many Times Before Their Death Essay

The most essential and overwhelming difference between a brave and a coward is that a brave dies only once while a coward dies every day, and that is why the wise people have stated that it is better to do as brave rather than be successful as cowards, because a single day of brave man is better than a hundred days of a coward person; here the death means that the brave person who is not afraid of any human beings or even by any other power other than the GOD  only dies when his soul is being separated from his body, he lives a very tension free life in which he has no fear of any other person which gives him confidence, self satisfaction and dignity while a coward person dies many time because he is afraid of many other things instead of the GOD which includes the human beings, natural disasters, technology and many more which threaten him day night making his life a living hell.

cowards die many times before their deaths the valiant never taste of death but once

Human beings do live for once and they should have the firm belief on their creator and should have the firm faith on the fact that HE is the only one has the control of your life and no one can give you the harm and cannot take the life without the consent of the GOD, so for that purpose the belief should be on GOD and once the people start having their entire faith on the GOD that is the time when they will stop getting afraid and will quit the style of living like a coward in which their life activities are being controlled and modified by the other people of his own nature and from than he starts to live a life which will be full of confidence and mental satisfaction in which he/she will only have the fear of their GOD and will not be dismantled by the human activities or the fear of technology or ammunition.

One should emphasize more on the rule of GOD that he will be the one who has the ultimate power and when the human beings start to get this faith in their lives they will leave being coward and will not get influenced by the other humans who he/she considered to be superior and more powerful than him/her. So the bottom line is that live life like a brave and strengthen human beings so that you die only once and don’t look to be coward because then you will have to die thousand times before the ultimate death.

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