Are We Happier Than Our Ancestors Essay

There is no comparison of the life of our ancestors and ours because there is a vast difference between these two ages as the difference in technology, living style, economic conditions, security and law and order situation these all factors are incomparable with our time and with the time of our ancestors. But one thing for sure can be compared and that can be the decisive factor for getting to know that whether we are happier than our ancestors or not? To answer this question people do have different opinions because everyone has their own priorities and their own decisive factors. Few people think that they will decide on the economic condition of the country, few thinks that technology can be the factor of their decision to this question but as far as I am concerned my decisive factors are different from the general people.

I will decide that whether I am happier than my ancestor on the basis of law and order situation, respect and dignity of the people and the security of life and property. And if we analyze these factors in the world today we can just say that they are getting worse from bad as they are continuously getting more and more unsatisfactory.

According to my opinion my ancestor were more happier than me because they were living in the environment which was free from all types of crime, people use to let the doors open throughout the day and night because they were sure that no one will cross their limits. And nowadays people are not safe even in the closed and locked doors as the fear of getting robbed is the nerves throughout the day and night which has eliminated the calmness amongst the people. This means we are not happier than our ancestors.

Nowadays the property as well as the lives of the people is unsafe, one can kill anybody any time and can move freely here and there, such is the condition of the present world, each and every person has become self centered and rightly so because everyone is worried for themselves and that is why no one speak or involve in others matter. This has surely reduced the element of respect and dignity of the mankind which was once praised and given the highest weight-age in the time of our ancestors. So they were more happier in their lives as compared to we are today although they didn’t had the facilities to modern technology, computers, communication, comfortable transport and traveling, lavish lifestyles but still they lead a happier and more relaxed life as compared to we do in the present world.

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