A Scene In The Examination Hall Essay

During the exam I asked the examiner for going to the washroom as I was feeling dizzy and stressed out so I wanted to wash my face so that I could regain my focus. After declining twice he gave me the permission when I insisted the third time. I was very much confused that why the examiner was not giving me the permission and beside it he was getting furious on me, this question was running in to my mind as I made my way to the washroom. As soon as I came near the door I heard some voices, when I focused on it I heard that some one was narrating something to anybody

As I peaked in to the door I was shocked as I saw one f my class fellow was sitting on the chair with desk and at the same time he was solving the paper.  A guy who was middle aged was standing beside him and was dictating him the answer, I was astonished by watching this act but without making any voice I went back to the examination hall and got back to my seat. The examiner who was not letting me to go to the washroom was staring to me and then I realized that why he was not allowing me to go to the washroom, anyways I started to regain the focus on my exam and started to solve the paper.

I got back busy in my exam and after a while or so I raised my head and saw that the examiner who didn’t let me go to washroom was standing beside a student. I thought that it might be normal but what I witnessed in the washroom made me stare at him for some time and soon I realized that something was fishy there as well. The examiner kept standing there, beside the student for some time and I noted that he was saying something in his ear. I tried to listen what he was saying but he was talking so lightly and politely that I was unable to hear it. But soon what I saw cleared all the misconceptions of my mind which were rising regarding this conversation.

The examiner took something from the hands of the student and quickly kept it in his pockets. I was not aware of what he kept and might; would have never been able to know if something didn’t fall on the ground at that time. It was one thousand rupees note which was on the ground as while putting in to the pocket the examiner dropped it my mistake. Soon he picked up and again dropped it in his pocket. After doing this he took the student and sends him outside and after it he himself went out with his paper. Now I was well aware what happening in the examination hall was although it was shocking but was real. As the examiner in the hall was taking bribe from the children and the one who gives him the money he was sending him to the washroom where his partner was helping the children to solve the paper. 


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