A Scene At The Railways Station Essay

 Railway stations always have various scenes which are interesting to see because people do get separated at the station so various emotions of love and sorrows are being witnessed. My uncle was going to Karachi for a wedding and he had extra luggage with him so he called me so that I can bring my car and can drop him off to the railway station. I picked him from his home and took his luggage and kept it in the car and started to drive to the railway station. Railway station was 40 minutes drive from our home so we reached their before time as the departure time was 6:00 pm and we reached their almost at 5:40 pm, so we had ample time to sit and relax their. We were sitting on the bench in front of the railway track and yet the train had to come so the track was empty.

As we were talking and discussing things regarding the railway station I saw a young girl walking along the platform just close to the railway line. She seemed to be depressed as she was crying as well. As she passed by my side I thought that any close relative or family remember of that girl would have been going to somewhere in train so that’s why didn’t bothered a lot and got indulged in the discussion with my uncle again. Soon we heard the horn of the train as it was approaching towards the terminal where we were sitting, as soon as the horn of the train was heard a slight chaos and rush was being created on the platform, I again saw that girl which was now in front of us standing on the platform and bending herself down to see from where the train was coming. It was dangerous because she was standing on the edge of the platform and can even fall from there on the railways track as already people are running on the platform so anyone might hit him or push him down. My uncle noticed it as well and screamed at her to get back because now train was getting even closer to us and to that girl also.

We were still shouting at her that the train came closer to us, and then what happened was shocking and heartbreaking, as soon as the train came complete near to the girl she jumped on the track in front of the train, the speed of the train was no doubt slow but was still enough for the girl as the train went over her, ultimately killing her. Everyone was shocked and was screaming for help, few were screaming to stop the train and few were screaming to call the ambulance but both were in vein because she didn’t survived, and as the train went over her, her body was full in blood. Than we realized that actually that girl was intending to do suicide and that’s why was walking around the platform and was waiting for the train to arrive. That was so sorrow and grieved scene on railway station which was not easy to forget.


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