A Scene At The Election Booth Essay

Getting up early in the morning because the excitement was high and I was really very motivated because it was my first time that I was going to cast the vote. Getting quickly on my bike I went to the polling station, the roads were silent, there was no panic and traffic jam all round which gave me the perception that people would be at their respective polling stations so that is why there is minimal population on the roads and in the streets other than few promotional campaigns which were still carried on the election day.

Finally I reached my polling station which was not that much far away from my house as I reached the parking area I was literally surprised to see such a huge parking with uncountable vehicles. This was shocking because I was not expecting such a huge gathering on the polling station. There might be two reasons for my surprise the first is that it was my first time exposure to a polling station as I have never casted the vote before or the second thing can be that people this time round have decided to vote for the betterment and the growth and the prosperity of the state.

Summers were on its peak so it was not an easy challenge to stand in long queue for voting and waiting for my turn. Anyways time started to pass gently and our line was getting closer and closer to the election booth, everything was normal until we heard few cars stopping at the main gate and then banging of the doors, everyone was staring at the gate because they anxious to know that who is the one making such a gigantic entry in the polling booth. Everyone including me was shocked to see that the person who entered in was the candidate of the political party which was not very much popular in our region and was obviously going to lose from our constituency, he entered the polling station with no less than 50 fully armed security officials.

His entry seemed to be suspicious because such an entry was not very much common especially for the candidate who is competing in the elections. Soon he with his gunmen went inside the election booth and the doors were banged closed, now the curiosity started to increase that what they are doing inside, there were various voices from the election booth which were audible outside which stated that scamming was being done as illegal votes were being stamped inside the election booth. I also made my way inside with them as fortunately it was my turn to get in to the election booth but the scene which I saw inside was unbelievable. The candidate was sitting on the desk and was smoking while all of his gunmen were stamping the votes and soon the stamped hundreds of illegal vote and casted them in the ballet box. No one even dared to ask them that why they did because the terror which he spread all over the election booth was enough for keeping them silent.


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