A Little Knowledge Is A Dangerous Thing Essay

An Sample Essay about A Little Knowledge Is A Dangerous Thing is written over here.Knowledge is the biggest asset of human beings and that is why it is considered to be the most essential component in the life of a human being, all the religions have do focused and emphasized on the importance and significance of the acquiring of knowledge. But one thing which might not be in the information of the many people is that incomplete and little knowledge can be a very dangerous things not only for the respective human but even for the entire human beings and mankind, this is because this can create problems and devastating impacts on the people of the world.  This little knowledge can lead him leave the right path and get indulged into many activities which can be injurious to his life as well as to the environment.

One of the biggest examples in this scenario is the terrorism, the religious extremist people who generally trains the youth in such a manner that they become a robot in which they stop their won thinking, this is just because of incomplete and little knowledge. The suicide bombers who lays their life have being mind washed in such a manner that they are only inculcated the limited knowledge and the people which are behind them do not let them get the complete information for which they becomes a living dynamite in which they agrees to either take the lives of their enemies or even give their own lives as per the instructions of their so called trainers and teachers.

Incomplete knowledge does not only means not having the complete knowledge or having limited knowledge but at the same time it also means that one should take that knowledge in all the possible scenarios and circumstances because it is very common aspect that one knowledge can be very much helpful and productive in one scenario but at the same time it can be deadly and hazardous in the other scenario. the most appropriate example for this is the usage of drugs, as drugs are helpful in such conditions to save the life which are known as the life saving drugs but at the same it addicted people can destroy their lives using the same drug, and that is just because of incomplete information as they consider those drugs as live saving even they are being addicted to it and use it regularly. So one should make sure that he/she should obtain complete information and know how regarding any concerned topic and at the same time they should also take it under considerations in all the possible aspects.



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