A Day Before An Examination Essay

Examination do have their own impact on the children as it creates mental stress and gives extreme tension to the people and when we talk about the day before the examination the conditions and the situations even become worse on this day. The pressure of exams is on to their nerves and it is not easy to control it and that is why the complaints of panic and confusion are quite obvious and common amongst the children on the day before their examination. There are so many problems which are associated with the day before examination which majority of the children do go through.

One of the very common problems which are being the point for concern for every child is getting sleepless during the night before examination. This is so common practice that almost every kid has this issue and this is also not good for the health of the child as well as for the performance in the examination because sleep is considered to be the most crucial and significant aspect for the child which differentiates in the two performances.

If the child does not sleep well before the exam it will be obvious that he/she will not feel fresh and comfortable in the examination and the child will feel dizzy, once this situation has being inculcated the child will never be able to do well in the examination as his/her concentration will divert from the exam to the dizziness of their mind which will be injurious for their examination.

The day before examination also kills the hunger of the child as he/she prefers not to eat anything and concentrate on the studies only. In some cases the kid seven vomits what they eat on the day before their exams and medical experts have concluded it as it is due to the confusion and mental stress of the children which affects the digestion system and even the entire body processes.

It is very much important to keep the children focused only on their studies on the day before the examination but at the same time the physical and mental condition of the child should also be maintained because only a healthy mind and a healthy body can perform good in the examination while the stressed out will surely get confused and will create a fuss and chaos in their examination and will panic.


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