How to Apply Makeup in Urdu

Wearing Makeup is most common and ordinary thing. Mostly girls have a  big role in making it regular because where ever they go they must wear makeup in today’s society. If you have recently started wearing makeup than you must have know, how to apply makeup step by step. It is not really difficult to learn about the best makeup products and how to use them. Make up is usually wear to groom you face and appearance, but most of people do a lot of make up and hide the real beauty of them. By reading this post you can easily get to know that how to apply best and light makeup. Sometimes girls wear make up without removing the old makeup, that can damage you skin cells and could harm you skin badly. Here you will get Tips for Applying Make Up in Urdu that can be helpful and beneficial to apply makeup. You must remember before applying make up that, it is to enhance your looks and beauty, not to cover them up so apply light make up as light as you can. In my point of view we must not be wearing make up every time because the natural look with a good skin in very pretty at all. We have given you some fruitful tips to apply makeup here read them out and have a fresh and glowing face after makeup.

How to Apply Makeup in Urdu

How To Apply Makeup In Urdu

Tips to Apply Make Up:

  • First of all find a face wash that works for your skin type, not every face wash works for everyone so must check that it suits for your skin. Wash your face with it to make your skin smooth and soft
  • Before doing make up you must have eat breakfast, it not only give you great power and energy, but it will give you a nice pink in you cheeks and pink lips.
  • Always use a new face cleanser for a few weeks before you decide it works.
  • After doing all this, apply your concealer
  • Put on a coat of foundation
  • Step your foundation
  • Apply a highlighter
  • Add Depth with continuing
  • Apply a little brush
  • Fill in your Eyebrow
  • Apply your Eyeliner
  • Apply an Eye-shadow primer
  • Put on your eye shadow
  • Finish off with mascara

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