Best Petrol Average Cars In Pakistan

Petrol or fuel, the cost of these two items is quite allot high in Pakistan. This is the main reason that most of the people are always in search for the petrol average cars in Pakistan. Automobile industry in Pakistan has bring about the huge sum of advancement and keeping the ultimate want of the individuals in mind, Pakistan Automobile sector has now bring about the launch of petrol average cars as well. Below is the list of top best petrol average cars in Pakistan. You can also find this article about getting the best fuel efficient cars in Pakistan. You can bought these cars in very affordable price range and that you are also intimate that the cars will give you a great mileage inside the city and of course out side the city on long roots.

Best Petrol Average Cars In Pakistan

  1. Daihatsu Move:

Best Petrol Average Cars In Pakistan Daihatsu Move

This car has been all adjusted out with the massive speed of the 1 speed automatic transmission system powering the car by means of the horsepower of 130 provides serious class. The car has been all accessorized wit the 4 wheel anti-lock brakes, plus the access of the 360 airbags, automatic air conditioning, all along with the Abs traction control and also the cruise control. This car has made itself incredibly famous in the mid of 2015.

  1. Toyota Prius- 26km/l:

Best Petrol Average Cars In Pakistan Toyota Prius- 26km l

On the next, we would bring you out with the name of Toyota Prius that is another one of the best options when it comes to the excellent fuel mileage. This hybrid car has been all settled with the features of the large customer base within a short span of time. The car has beeen often accompanied with the feature of the 1.8l engine with a horsepower of 134 and goes up to 60mph in lesser than 9.8 seconds. This is so impressive.

  1. Honda Civic Hybrid 18km/l:

Best Petrol Average Cars In Pakistan Honda Civic Hybrid 18km l

Civic has always remained one of the favorite choices of the Pakistani buyers when it comes to the petrol average cars. This car gives out with the average of about 18.

  1. Honda City- 16km/l:

Best Petrol Average Cars In Pakistan Honda City- 16km/l

On the next and on fourth spot, we would add upon with the name of Honda City! This car beauty has been comprised with the amazing 1.3l engine as favorable for the long drives. It has been all covered with the smooth edges and curves. Its market price is about PKR 15,000,000 to PKR 17,000,000. this car can run with the speed of 60 mph in 10 seconds.

So, this was the complete list of the top and excellent petrol average cars in Pakistan! To save your fuel amount, be the first to choose anyone of these cars right now!

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