Zong 4G Internet Package Price Plan Details In Pakistan

Through this page you can get Zong 4G Internet Package Price Plan Details in Pakistan with activation method, term and condition and internet package rates. These entire things are available after few month because according to Zong official 4G internet Packages will launch within few months and these days Zong telecom company are working on Zong 4G internet Packages and Zong have plan launch internet packages with cheap rate that will affordable for all Pakistani people. Zong are one and only Pakistani Telecom company who have 4G technology through Zong 4G all Pakistani people get enjoy with world 4th generation technology. Zong will introduce 4g technology internet packages through these packages you can get high Speed internet connectivity that will wonderful experience

for you. Zong are working on 4G technology packages and according to Zong marketing department through Zong 4G Pakistani people will get unmatched speed, online movies, videos, fast downloads and fun and entertaining games.

Zong 4G Internet Package Price Plan Details In Pakistan



Zong 4G Internet Package Price Plan Details In Pakistan


Zong 4G Internet Package Price Plan Details In Pakistan:

  • All In 1 Day
  • All in Weekly
  • All in 1 Monthly 250
  • All in 1 Monthly 500
  • All in 1 Monthly 599
  • All in 1 Monthly 799

All In 1 Daily Zong 4G internet packages:

  • Volume 40 Mbps
  • Price      PKR 20 per day incuded all taxes
  • for activation dial *6464# then on  your screen one message will open
  • Reply with 3
  • After this step again reply with “1 “
  • through this procedure you internet packages will activate

All In 1 Weekly Zong 4G Package:

  • Volume 150 MBs
  • Price PKR 100/- on weekly basic
  • for activation dial *6464# and reply 3 and after 2nd message reply with 2 option
  • All In 1 Bundles other Packages:
All-in-1 Monthly 250 700 MBs 700 on-net minutes
70 off-net minutes
700 SMS Rs. 250/month (inclusive of tax) *6464# ? 3 ? 3
All-in-1 Monthly 500 1500 MB 1,500 on-net minutes
150 off-net minutes
1500 SMS Rs. 500/month (inclusive of tax) *6464# ? 3 ? 4
All-in-1 Monthly 599 2 GB * Unlimited on-net (24 hrs)
***Unlimited (500/day) Rs. 599/month (exclusive of tax) *6464# ? 3 ? 5
All-in-1Monthly 799 4 GB * Unlimited on-net (24 hrs)
*** Unlimited (500/day) Rs. 799/month (exclusive of tax) *6464# ? 3 ? 6


Zong Data Bundles Internet Package:

Package Vol. Price Validity
Daily Mini 4 MB Rs.4 1 day
Daily Basic 30 MB Rs.10 1 day
Daily Premium 80 MB Rs.20 1 day
Weekly Package – 280 MB 280 MB Rs.70 7 days
Monthly Mini – 150 MB 150 MB Rs.50 30 days
Monthly Basic – 500 MB 500 MB Rs. 150 30 days
Monthly Premium – 1 GB 1 GB Rs.250 30 days
Monthly Premium – 2 GB 2 GB Rs.350 30 days
Monthly Premium – 4 GB 4 GB Rs.650 30 days
Monthly Premium Plus – 10 GB 10 GB Rs.1500 30 days
Monthly Premium Plus– 20 GB 20 GB Rs.2500 30 days
Monthly Premium Plus– 30 GB 30 GB Rs.3500 30 days
Social Pack(Facebook, WhatsApp & Twitter) 500MB Rs.10 1 day
Facebook Daily 50MB Rs.5 1 day
Whatsapp Daily 30 MB Rs.3 1 day
Twitter Daily 20 MB Rs.2 1 day



So Zong users are you ready to get enjoy 4th generation technology through Zong 4G internet if yes remember only few month are left and within few month you can get Pakistan one and only 4G technology that will be launched by Zong 4G telecom network for your remainder through bedding Zong are only one company who are got Zong 4G technology license for all Paksitani Users these days zong are launched Zong 3G technology you can enjoy this technology free of cost so stay with us through this page you can also get Zong 4G Internet Package Price Plan Details In Pakistan.

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