Telenor 4G Wifi Device Price And Packages 2017

Telenor 4g wifi device price and packages 2017 are available in cheaper rates with lot of MBs and GBs. Telenor has up graduated from 3G to 4G and all of its internet plans are available for the 4G. In mobile phone case which is not supported to a 4G network can serve the 3G speed. This telecommunication company is the best to provide the highest and the fastest internet at any time at any place. It always bring use full and user friendly packages in internet. Firstly the wifi was only use full with mobile phones through sim but now the technology has been up to dated and you have a lot of things to avail internet in different places at one time. So if you are also interested to get avail the Telenor 4G Mifi device, then this is the right place where I have wrote all the things you need and required relating to the device price, package planes and their prices according to the GMs and MBs as well as the charge able device and use portable device is available which you can obtain by scrolling this page below.

Telenor 4G Wifi Device Price And Packages 2017

Telenor 4G Wifi Device Price And Packages 2017

Telenor 4G Wingle

Telenor 4G Wifi Device Price And Packages 2017 4G Wingle Device

  • Device Price: Rs. 2, 000/- (Pay at once time)
  • 4G 850 MHZ
  • 10 Devices at One Time

This is a portable USB device which is plug and play means you just have to connect with a computer, Laptop or a charger and that it. You can connect 10 devices at one time with 4G best speed. It has 4G/ 3G/2G fall back options according to the area and its services. Its picture is shown below. You can buy this device through the Telenor franchise or you can also buy online at Telenor officials’ website.

Telenor 4G Mifi

Telenor 4G Wifi Device Price And Packages 2017 4G Mifi Device

  • Device Price: Rs. 3000/-
  • 4G 850 MHG
  • 16 multiple devices at one time

This is a press and play device as shown below. It contain on a 1500 MAH rechargeable and removable battery that can work more than 6 hours after once fully charging. Its standby time is 300 hours which is a long time backup. It works with 4G/ 3G and 2G fall back options which means if the 4G is not available in your area the device will automatically receive 3G and if there is not 3G access the device will works with 2G network at its best speed.

So these are the Telenor 4G wifi device price and packages 2017. Hope you like and going to buy the best internet providing service according to your requirements and desire because Telenor has design all the best and possible packages that are really very interesting and valuable for a consumer at home or office.

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