EVO Charji Packages 2017 With Volume Limit

If you are facing trouble during internet usage then yes we are sharing one and best solution for you interesting suffering yes read EVO Charji Packages 2017 With Volume Limit details that are available on this page and get fastest internet through PTCL EVO Charji device. Here we want to mention my personal experience with latest EVO charji device. EVO charji device fastest internet connection is change you internet using experience yes this is a reality with EVO charji device maximum 36Mb and minimum 8Mb speed is available for all internet user those want fastest internet. if you want download movie, software and any things that is related with internet then yes you can do it with minutes so do not wait days or hours just by EVO Charji and change you internet usage experience.

EVO Charji Packages 2017 With Volume Limit

EVO Charji Packages 2017 With Volume Limit

Why EVO Charji?

Before purchasing you must have knowledge about Charji and other internet devices comparison. Charji Internet 4G internet connection and 2G internet users cannot think 4G fastest speed so without cable internet EVO charji internet is best option for PTCL company services lover.

EVO Charji Device Price:

CharJi EVO Wingle Rs. 2,500
CharJi EVO Cloud Rs. 3,500

EVO Charji Packages 2017 With Volume Limit:

CharJi EVO Packages
  Volume Validity Monthly Line-Rent Billing Mode
1 10 GB* 30 Days Rs. 1,000 Prepay/Postpay
2 20 GB* 30 Days Rs. 1,250 Prepay/Postpay
3 25 GB* 30 Days Rs. 1,500 Prepay/Postpay
4 50 GB* 30 Days Rs. 2,000 Prepay/Postpay
5 75 GB* 30 Days Rs. 2,500 Prepay/Postpay

*Additional volume bucket at Rs. 500 for 5 GB.

Additional Volume buckets may be availed by dialing 0800 8 0800

after packages name, Volume limit and monthly line rent details we want to mention if your internet usage is just base on professional category then yes 20GM volume is best for you, otherwise you must have to need different extra volume like 30GB and 50GB. if you are thinking Charji Internet packages is expensive theĀ  yes it is true but after few month due to competition EVO charji packages will low according to my personal experience.

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